the new...River City Gender Alliance
Making a difference ... for a lifetime!

Courtesy of the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau

I was a member of RCGA a long time ago. I want to become active again. What should I do?

Welcome back! Simply e-mail us for current meeting location, event details and to answer any other questions you may have. Please note that owing to recent improvements and/or changes to our website domain, contact list and membership administration, you might be asked to complete a new application and privacy form to bring our records up to date.

As never before, we value our long-time members as they add a wealth of experience, wisdom and knowledge to the group. In addition, and while a great many men, woman and families have receive our help and support since 1986 when RCGA was founded, we now acknowledge we would be remiss if we do not recognize the needs of our members are ongoing as they mature and do not end after having transitioned.

As RCGA's new slogan states: For a lifetime...


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